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Protect Your Company From Unnecessary Risks

PROtect is uniquely positioned to ensure your company is protected from unnecessary risks related to regulatory non-compliance, employee injury, liability, and property damage. We work within a variety of industries and have clients throughout the United States who utilize our risk and compliance services. 

PROtect Advanced Non Destructive Testing Overview

Advanced Non-Destructive Testing

Technical ability that comes with years of on-the-site experience combined with a drive to meet our goals for quality service, make our advanced NDT team one you can trust.

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PROtect Conventional NDT Overview

Conventional Non-Destructive Testing

Our NDT specialists and inspection staff take pride in their technical abilities and continuously strive to meet our quality benchmarks that are second to none.

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PROtect Environmental Services Overview


The PROtect environmental staff provides environmental services, including practical and effective advice, assessments, and reports on key regulations and issues. We can provide services for all phases of a project: license and permit application preparation, project planning and development, ongoing and annual operation, and even project termination or decommissioning.

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PROtect Services Heat Treatment And Stress Relief Overview

Heat Treatment & Stress Relief

PROtect provides heat treat that is used to relax welds and adjacent base metal. This prevents the materials from becoming brittle and increases resistance to stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen-induced cracking, which can be caused by high levels of hydrogen released during the welding process.

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PROtect Health Service Overview

Industrial Hygiene (IH)

PROtect provides Industrial Hygiene services that are designed to protect and enhance the health and safety of people at work and in their communities. We are adept at anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling chemical, physical, biological, and ergonomic stressors.

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Insurance Program Management PROtect Service Overview

Insurance Program Management

PROtect owns and manages ERM SPC, Ltd., a Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) and structured insurance company domiciled in the Cayman Islands. The captive insurance company is designed to reinsure risks of qualified owners/shareholders.

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PROtect Leak Detection And Repair Overview

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

PROtect provides Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) services designed to ensure environmental compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements.

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PROtect Material Testing Overview

Materials Testing

Having performed materials testing for over 30 years for clients across the country, PROtect is a trusted.

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PROtect Pipeline Inspection Overview

Pipeline Integrity (PLI)

Our pipeline integrity technicians provide conventional Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) alongside in-ditch integrity assessments for quality information you can use to make quick, trusted remediation decisions.

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Male Worker Rope Access  Inspection Tank Oil

Rope Access

PROtect has a comprehensive Rope Access program that allows for the execution of multiple job scopes in a single deployment. Our crews are able to complete tasks safely in a shorter time frame than conventional methods, saving both time and money. Rope Access operations have a minimal impact on concurrent on-site operations, processes, and or work environments. Rope Access provides maximum safety and is considered a highly efficient and flexible system that allows multiple disciplines in one team.

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Safety Service Provided By PROtect Overview


PROtect develops and maintains customizable safety programs and provides safety services for a variety of industries. We can help to ensure your company is compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and has the tools needed to operate efficiently and safely.

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PROtect Software Service Overview


At PROtect, we employ many people who once sat in your seat, which is why we developed our proprietary software programs to address specific issues that exist in the industries we serve, such as managing data, due dates, and corrective action. Our software offerings are cloud-based, customizable, integrated into your current systems, and can be comprehensive or a-la-carte, depending on your company’s needs. We are consultants and technicians first, and we are proud of that fact because it means we developed software that is easy to use and accomplishes our mission for why we built it.

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PROtect Training Service Overview


Drawing on years of real-world Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S), Process Safety Management (PSM), and operations expertise, PROtect provides a variety of training services to help your company achieve excellence. Whether you need to start down the path toward excellence or your company just needs to rise to the next level, we can help by identifying gaps and empowering your staff.

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