Why PROtect?

At PROtect, we employ many people who once sat in your seat, which is why we developed our proprietary software programs to address specific issues that exist in the industries we serve, such as managing data, due dates, and corrective action. Our software offerings are cloud-based, customizable, integrated into your current systems, and can be comprehensive or a-la-carte, depending on your company’s needs. We are consultants and technicians first, and we are proud of that fact because it means we developed software that is easy to use and accomplishes our mission for why we built it.

Our proprietary software application:

PROtect Enterprise Risk Management Proprietary Software

Enterprise Risk Management

The PROtect Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) module is a single point to sign on to access all of PROtect’s online tools and to view an executive management dashboard of metrics and open corrective action items.


ERM Modules

The following modules can be accessed directly or through ERM dashboard and single point sign on or directly based on access credentials or subscription level.

  • PROtect Asset Integrity Management Software

    The PROtect Asset Integrity Management (AIM) module is a database of non-destructive testing and inspection records that provides organization and real-time management of your asset integrity and compliance requirements. This includes useful life calculations, a schedule of upcoming inspections, corrective action tracking, and a repository of all past NDT inspection and equipment data.

  • PROtect Assessment Management Software

    The PROtect Assessment Management (AM) module is a database of third-party audits and assessments as well as self-audits and assessments. It is utilized to evaluate risk and compliance and assign and track corrective action.


  • PROtect Document Management Software

    The PROtect Document Management (DM) module is a library of risk control and compliance programs, policies, training, and supplemental documents. The library is utilized to share common programs and updates across multiple locations.


  • PROtect Environmental Management Software

    (Currently Under Construction)

    The PROtect Environmental Management (EM) module is a database to help manage your ongoing environmental compliance requirements.

  • PROtect-Incident-Management

    The PROtect Incident Management (IM) module is created to drive the investigation of root-cause and identify and track corrective action around incidents and near-misses.


  • PROtect Training Management Software

    The PROtect Training Management (TM) module is a Learning Management System (LMS) that delivers dynamic online training content and testing to ensure employees are adequately trained and the records of the training are accurately tracked and retained.


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