Why PROtect?

We employ many people who once sat in your seat, which is why we developed our proprietary software programs to address specific issues that exist in the industries we serve, such as managing data, due dates, and corrective action. Our software offerings are cloud-based, customizable, integrated into your current systems, and can be comprehensive or a-la-carte, depending on your company’s needs. We are consultants and technicians first, and we are proud of that fact because it means we developed software that is easy to use and accomplishes our mission for why we built it.

Our Proprietary Software Application

PROtect Enterprise Risk Management Proprietary Software

Enterprise Risk Management

PROtect’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) module is a single point to sign on to access all of PROtect’s online tools and to view an executive management dashboard of metrics and open corrective action items.




ERM Modules

The following modules can be accessed directly or through ERM dashboard and single point sign on or directly based on access credentials or subscription level.

  • PROtect Assessment Management Software

    PROtect’s Assessment Management (AM) module is an essential tool for organizations that need to manage their assessment processes and track compliance and risk across the organization. The module can help organizations streamline their assessment workflows, reduce the risk of compliance violations, and improve their overall risk management processes.


  • PROtect Document Management Software

    PROtect’s Document Management (DM) module is a library of risk control and compliance programs, policies, training, and supplemental documents. The library is utilized to share common programs and updates across multiple locations.


  • PROtect-Incident-Management

    PROtect’s Incident Management (IM) module is an incident reporting and investigation tool used to identify the root cause(s) of an incident and track corrective actions to completion. This module includes a range of features and tools to help organizations respond to and manage incidents effectively.


  • PROtect-Management-of-Change

    PROtect’s Management of Change (MOC) module is a software tool designed to help organizations manage their change management processes, including changes stemming from Process Safety, Quality, or other best management practice requirements.


  • PROtect Training Management Software

    PROtect’s Training Management (TM) module is a software tool designed to help organizations manage their safety and operational training needs. The module includes OSHA required safety training, best practices training, DOT training, operator training, maintenance and mechanical practices training, and master classes in advanced industrial facility operations.



    PROtect’s SHIELD software is a fast, efficient, flexible and highly configurable tool for Integrity Management. It includes SHIELD-RBI for the development of RBI programs, SHIELD-IDMS for management of inspection programs and data, including Corrosion Monitoring data, and SHIELD-AMINE for management of amine analysis data. The modules share data but may be used and licensed separately.

    Learn more about SHIELD Here

PROtect Support

In an effort to better support our ERM customers, we are excited to announce PROtect Support – a help desk ticketing and support platform dedicated to addressing any questions, issues, requests and/or ideas related to our PROtect ERM platform.

  • PROtect-Support

    Contact Support

    1. Click the “Contact Support” link found on the login screen of ERM or once logged in, at the top of each page
    NOTE: You do NOT have to be logged in to access this feature

    2. Complete the online Incident Form & Submit

    3. Let our team of ERM experts research your issue and reach out to you for a timely resolution

    Can’t get to ERM? Email support@protect.llc or call (316) 469-5204 to open a support case.  Based on the detailed information you provide, your case will be immediately routed to the appropriate expert within PROtect to provide prompt assistance.

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