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Our comprehensive rope access program allows for the execution of multiple job scopes in a single deployment. Our crews are able to complete tasks safely in a shorter time frame than conventional methods, saving both time and money. Rope access operations have a minimal impact on concurrent on-site operations, processes, and or work environments. Rope access provides maximum safety and is considered a highly efficient and flexible system that allows multiple disciplines in one team.

We are also doing things that no other company in the industry is doing including Mechanical Integrity (MI) inspections and minor mechanical repairs and maintenance such as insulation repair, tightening of bolts, minor component replacement, and welding. Rope access is also being used to perform Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) monitoring, a capability other LDAR service providers do not offer.

  • Rope Access is a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the work position and to be supported there. It is the professional use of ropes to do inspections, maintenance, and other types of work.

    • Advanced NDT & Inspection
      • Phased Array, Digital Radiography, Computerized Radiography, Guided Wave, and AUT
    • Electrical Services
      • EHT/Splicing, Cable Pulls, Connections & Terminations Assistance, and Cable Tray Installation
    • Fabric Maintenance
      • Power Tooling
      • Coatings
        • Application, Inspections, and Repair
    • Insulation
      • Cladding, Piping, Tanks & Spheres, and Spot Welding
    • Maintenance
    • New Construction
    • Pipefitting
      • Spools, Bolt-Up, Torquing & Tensioning, Blinding, Testing & Commissioning, Steam Trace, Flange Mapping, and Valve Identification
    • Welding
      • Structural, Pressure Piping, Vessels, Repairs, and New Construction
    • Rope Access Training & Support
    • Standby & Confined Space Rescue
    • Turnarounds

Customer Testimonial

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    During our most recent project for Ringneck Energy in Onida SD, we installed 42 magnet brackets on blast doors on the grain elevator shafts.

    Aaron Trabing, Ringneck’s EHS Manager, said by his estimation “our Rope Access crew probably saved someone’s life in the future. It cost much less to work this way than with scaffolding or a crane.”  He mentioned, “The PROtect crew came onsite equipped, trained, and ready to go.

    Mike Stanley, Ringneck’s Plant Manager, and Walt Wendland, Ringneck’s CEO said, “We all give PROtect a 12 on a scale of 1-10.

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