Risk Control

PROtect’s mission overall is to eliminate workplace illness, injuries, and fatalities, equipment failure and unplanned downtime, and fines and penalties from regulatory non-compliance. As a result, we understand risk, how to evaluated it, and how to manage it.

We offer customized risk control solutions tailored to the unique needs of each facility. Our team of over 400 certified professionals provides expert audits, assessments, and consulting in areas such as Environmental Health and Safety, Mechanical Integrity, and Industrial Hygiene. We support clients with specialized training and a proprietary software platform that simplifies risk management. With experience in a range of industries, including numerous Fortune 100 companies, we deliver insightful recommendations and streamlined solutions to enhance safety and compliance.

In addition to controlling risk, we also understand and work with customers to finance or transfer risk that cannot be eliminated or meet the risk tolerance of their organization to another 3rd party via insurance products.


PROtect manages ERM SPC, Ltd., a segregated portfolio reinsurance company domiciled in the Cayman Islands. This company is designed to reinsure risks of qualified owners/shareholders.

ERM SPC, Ltd. is structured much like a traditional insurance company, with the key difference being who benefits from the good loss experience. The insured owners/shareholders of ERM SPC, Ltd. receive returns of surplus and distributions of company profits (previously paid in premiums + investment income) when loss experience proves to be better than annual actuarial projections.

Below is a simple diagram explaining the difference between a traditional insurance company structure and captive insurance company structure.

ERM SPC Ltd Results for Insurance Program Management Service by PROtect



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