Why PROtect?

Suppliers all over the globe are being asked to show that their products and/or services can be delivered in a sustainable fashion by those that procure their products and/or services. This demand is driving companies to determine their carbon impact and develop sustainability and ESG programs. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, which are a set of three critical factors that companies can use to measure the environmental and societal impact of a company or business. ESG is a set of criteria used to measure a company’s performance in these areas, while Sustainability refers to the long-term viability of a company, community, or environment. ESG and Sustainability frameworks have gained significant importance in recent years as investors increasingly seek out opportunities that align with their values and principles and demonstrate responsible and ethical behavior.

PROtect offers a comprehensive ESG and Sustainability services program designed to help customers navigate the complex landscape of sustainable business practices. Our program and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each Customer. We provide a truly customizable service offering approach to sustainability that is both practical and effective.

We will conduct comprehensive assessments of the Customer’s current sustainability practices, identifying areas of strength and weakness, and highlighting opportunities for improvement. We will also work with the Customer to provide our ESG services and solutions in the future to ensure after our initial service has concluded that our customers are maintaining the course towards their ESG and Sustainability goals.

Our services, although wide-ranging and efficient, can be broken down into the following 5 basic actions:

  • Data Ingest & Onboarding
  • Data Analysis & Problem Identification
  • Solution Development
  • Solution Deployment
  • Goal Monitoring & Progress Management (Path Forward)

At PROtect we understand that each Customer has their own specific ESG and Sustainability goals and circumstances. Therefore, offer a variety of service options to choose from. Each is tailored to the various reporting and disclosure requirements for ESG metrics established by SASB, the US EPA, and TCFD. Several of our service offerings incorporate a combination of individual services offered through our ESG program, any combination of which may be selected in our ESG Service Selection Table.

Environmental Sustainability

We’ll help our customers reduce their environmental footprint by identifying opportunities for energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable product sourcing. We also assist customers in implementing sustainable practices across their supply chain.

  • Voluntary disclosure of carbon impact (CI) and sustainability goals are becoming required by companies as part of supply/value chain partnerships.  Carbon Impact is determined by calculating total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, generated by certain industrial activities including activities such as Land Use Change, consumption of energy, transportation, and use of manufactured goods, to name a few. Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 are a series of defined calculations used to calculate the GHG emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol developed by the World Resource Institute and supported by the EPA.  Upon completion of the calculations, a basic analysis report to summarize the inputs and processes will be developed to supplement the calculations.  Calculating the Carbon Impact is a valuable stepping stone when a facility is in the early stages of sustainability development. PROtect has partnered with Sustain. Life as a software provider to assist in the Carbon Impact calculations and has negotiated the lowest rates available to assist in the development of Carbon Impact/Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories to support related program components.

    It should be noted that the development of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 GHG emissions is a universally accepted method of calculating Carbon Impact for a Company as a whole.  Other carbon impact calculation methodologies are available that support regulatory or low-carbon fuel programs.  For the purposes of ESG and Sustainability development, calculations follow Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions methodologies in accordance with the GHG Protocol.

  • A Sustainability Plan highlights the benefits a customer brings towards reducing natural resource usage, addressing increased population and industrialization as well as several other factors to give customers, government (U.S. and foreign), and their own company a roadmap for where it has been, and where it is planning to go to minimize volatility and supply chain disruptions.  Program development includes Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory development and Materiality Assessments.  Those tasks will drive the development of program goals, metrics, targets, and reduction strategies, compiled into a comprehensive plan. These services will also include choice of consulting level, Sustainability Score, and Sustainability Report.

  • Our Materiality Assessment Services will help you identify key issues and determine areas of improvement, where metrics can be established, what goals should be made, and what should be reported. This process often involves internal and external stakeholders’ involvement to assess emerging issues to ensure program focus is on the issues of greatest relevance to the business.

  • In this package PROtect will address climate risk through comprehensive assessments. An evaluation of the potential impacts of climate change will be conducted on your company, as well as an analysis of how your company impacts climate change.

    Climate risk assessment services begin with a thorough analysis of your industrial processes and operations. We then assess the potential impact of climate change on your business, considering factors such as changes in temperature, rainfall, and extreme weather events.

    Based on this analysis, we provide you with a detailed report that outlines the specific risks and opportunities associated with climate change for your business. This report provides recommendations on how to manage and mitigate those risks, including strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to changing climate conditions.

    Our climate risk assessment service is tailored to meet the specific needs of each Customer, and our team works closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. We also offer ongoing support and consultation services within our Service Continuation Package to help you implement the recommended strategies and adapt to changing conditions over time.

  • ESG Program Development is the establishment of ongoing activities to ensure the ESG Program has a measurable contribution to meeting company ESG goals. PROtect will provide ongoing support of ESG activities and work with the Customer on providing updated Plans, and develop an annual report to provide to investors, vendors/suppliers, or other company stakeholders. Program development includes Scope 3 Emissions Calculations and Materiality Assessments.  Those tasks will drive the development of program goals, metrics, targets, and reduction strategies, compiled into a comprehensive plan. ESG Program Development focuses on the development of a holistic ESG program, covering all areas of Environmental, Social, and Governance.

Social Sustainability

We’ll work with customers to promote social sustainability by helping them to engage with stakeholders, develop inclusive policies, and promote diversity as well as publicize their commitment to environmental protection.

  • PROtect’s social sustainability services are tailored to provide the greatest opportunity for our customers to improve their impact on social issues such as diversity, equity, inclusion, and human rights within their organization. Our team is CDP certified by the Society for Diversity and will be able to provide the most professional and efficient social consultation services in the industry.

  • PROtect Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion services are designed to help your organization develop a more inclusive workplace with diverse values, cultures, and other characteristics. We provide top to bottom DEI analyses internally and externally on your supply chain to ensure your company and culture are meeting the DEI milestones you want.

  • Supply Chain services help our customers identify and mitigate risks within their supply chain by mapping out all environmental and social risks associated with the products they use. We encourage our customers to engage their suppliers in accountability practices and DEI initiatives, with the end goal of establishing a sustainable, reliable, and equitable supply chain.

  • PROtect community engagement services provide our customers with a unique perspective into how their operations and products impact the lives and communities of those residing in and around their facilities. We help our customers engage local community leaders and conduct social and environmental impact analyses on nearby communities to ensure they are impacting these areas in a manner that promotes growth and a sustainable future.

Government & Strategy

We’ll assist customers in enhancing their corporate governance practices including board and diversity independence, risk management, and transparent financial disclosure reporting.

  • PROtect government compliance services weighs significantly on the regulatory side of our offerings, but also incorporate multiple services from around the PROtect service offering families. We work to ensure that your facilities and operations are up to compliance standards and that we can build out a path forward for you to continue to maintain and build a compliance program.

  • PROtect internal due diligence services involve providing a thorough analysis and evaluation of the Customers’ internal practices, policies, and procedures related to ESG. We will conduct Risk Assessments and GAP analyses Ito gives our customers a better understanding of where they stand within the current frameworks of their industry and how they compare to industry peers related to community impact, and in comparison, to industry peers and the future of their field.

  • The PROtect Financial Disclosure services are designed to assist a customer in collecting and reporting their relevant information as it relates to ESG. We will assist your team in assembling relevant financial information related to your spending on sustainability-related initiatives. We will assist in identifying the financial information that is necessary to be publicly disclosed for the progression of your ESG efforts, as well as assist in financial disclosure report generation, compliance determinations, and gap analyses.  Our strategies and services align with the requirements of the TCFD, SEC, and SASB.

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