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Our engineering and PSM division provides extensive and highly technical consultative support for those seeking smart, innovative, and creative solutions for a facility’s process safety management, risk management, or operational needs. Our talented and qualified engineers provide a diverse array of services to supplement your engineering needs and PROtect your facility assets.

  • PROtect develops customizable PSM programs and documentation for each of the 14 elements of the PSM and RMP regulations

    • 3-Year PSM and/or RMP Compliance Audits
    • Risk Management Plan (RMP) Registration and Program Development
    • MOC and PSSR Program Development
    • Process Safety Information (PSI) Gap Analysis and Path to Compliance
    • Dust Safety Management Programs
    • Electrical Safety Management Programs
    • Mechanical Integrity Audits and Program Development
      • Critical Equipment Lists
      • Inspection, Testing, and Preventative Maintenance (ITPM) Plans
        • Maintenance Procedures
      • Action item tracking and resolution
    • Baseline and Project PHAs on New Facilities and Processes
    • PHA Revalidations as Required by OSHA PSM (every 5 years)
    • Engineering Design-Phase Hazard Identification (HAZID)
    • Human Factors and Facility Siting Hazard Assessment
    • Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
    • Safer Technology and Alternatives Analysis (STAA)
    • Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA)
    • SOP Assessments
      • Gap analysis to identify necessary regulatory and operational updates
    • SOP Training
      • Provide facility personnel training on technical writing and development of procedures
    • SOP Development
      • Create procedures for each phase of operation: Normal, Temporary, Emergency, Startup, Shutdown, Maintenance
      • Provide customized templates compliant with applicable regulations
      • Identify and document normal, troubleshooting, and unacceptable operating limits
      • Identify and document consequences of deviation from operating limits
    • Storm Water Pollution Protection (SWP)
      • Plans, Inspection Support, Tools, Design Improvement, and Training
    • Spill Prevention, Controls and Countermeasures (SPCC)
      • Plans, Inspection Support, Tools, Drills, and Training
    • Carbon Verification and Compliance
      • RFS2 Engineering Reviews
      • Assistance with Verification and Compliance needs
    • Researching project specifications, modifying techniques, and assessing project standards to ensure environmental efficacy
    • Development
      • Preparation and aid in submitting carbon-related applications to meet the specific state/country’s application requirements
      • Development of (EPA & CARB) Carbon Monitoring Plan Identification of, and discussion related to energy savings or project opportunities with ESG/sustainability/carbon benefit/cost savings
    • BWON and LDAR Engineering Support Services
  • Ensure compliance with the latest NFPA 70B and 70E industry standards with our tailored solutions that streamline processes and minimize electrical system risks. Partner with us for a safer, more efficient approach to standards compliance.

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    • P&ID walk down, redline, and AutoCAD update
    • Plant 3D modeling, including the option for LiDAR visualizations
    • Valve labeling and tagging
    • Area classification diagrams and facility plot plans
  • Enterprise Risk Management

    • Management of Change (MOC) and Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR)
    • SHIELD – Mechanical Integrity (MI)
    • Corrective Action Tracking and Assessment Management
    • Incident Management and Root Cause Analysis
    • Training Management
      • Comprehensive training programs for operations, maintenance, and emergency response
      • Provide employee and supervisor training on the implementation of PSM/RMP program elements

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