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The latest edition of NFPA 70B, Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance, became effective January 16, 2023. This is noteworthy because, for the first time, NPFA 70B became a Standard (i.e., mandatory) instead of continuing to be a Recommended Practice (i.e., nonmandatory), as it had been since its creation in 1975. This put NFPA 70B on par with the related NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, which has been a Standard since its creation in 1979. Together, they require employers to formally manage electrical safety and equipment maintenance risks. This minimum expectation can be a significant effort. PROtect provides professional services to help manage and reduce your electrical systems risks.

  • Understanding the 2023 NFPA 70B Standard

    • Know and document the condition of your equipment through an Equipment Condition Assessment (ECA)
    • Know and document your maintenance intervals based on your ECA
    • Ensure maintenance employees are trained on electrical maintenance procedures and intervals
    • Know and document the type of testing you will perform on your equipment
    • Update your Short-Circuit, Incident Energy (Arc Flash) and Coordination Studies every five years or less
    • Have a documented Electrical Maintenance Program (EMP) per NFPA 70B
    • Have a documented Electrical Safety Program (ESP) per NFPA 70E with the following elements:
      • Inspection
      • Condition of Maintenance
      • Awareness and Self-Discipline
      • ESP Principles
      • ESP Controls
      • ESP Procedures
      • Risk-Assessment Procedure
      • Job Safety Planning and Job Briefing
      • Incident Investigations
      • Auditing
      • Completion of Corrective Measures
    • Identify the person responsible for all the above
    • Arc Flash & Short Circuit Studies
    • Criticality Assessment Team Workshops
    • Electrical Condition Assessments (ECA)
    • ECM Plan Maintenance Tasks
    • Electrical Safety Program Management (Per NFPA 70E)
    • Electrical Maintenance Program Management (Per NFPA 70B)
    • Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA) or Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
    • Infrared Thermography Analysis
    • Inspection, Testing, & Preventative Maintenance (ITPM) Program Development
    • NFPA 70B Gap Analysis
    • NFPA 70B Training
  • Unlock significant cost savings with our cutting-edge infrared thermographic imaging inspection program. Developed and implemented with utmost precision, it proves to be an indispensable element of any condition monitoring initiative. At PROtect, our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and advanced infrared technology to generate comprehensive reports, evaluate severity and impact ratings, conduct ultrasonic testing, and deliver thorough thermographic imaging analysis. Experience the power of our services for unparalleled efficiency and savings.

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