Navigate Transitions with Confidence

Amid the dynamic landscape of EHS management, PROtect’s temporary consultants are your reliable partners in navigating organizational transitions and workforce gaps. These shifts can invite regulatory risks, safety vulnerabilities, and operational strain. PROtect’s consultants offer expertise, compliance assurance, and risk mitigation to uphold EHS excellence. Our team seamlessly integrates into your EHS framework to help you navigate change confidently, prioritizing safety and prosperity. Contact us today to discover how PROtect’s EHS consulting can bolster your organization’s resilience and excellence.

Tailored Support Options

In cases where a permanent EHS hire is necessary, but the hiring process is time-consuming, our consultants can bridge the gap by ensuring uninterrupted EHS support and compliance until the new hire is in place. Choose from weekly, monthly, or longer-term engagements to match your organization’s specific requirements.

  • If your organization has short-term EHS projects or initiatives that need specialized attention, consultants can be brought in to focus solely on those projects without affecting the workload of your existing team.

  • For organizations requiring a physical presence, our experienced consultants can be on-site to implement EHS initiatives, oversee safety protocols, and drive operational improvements.

  • Our consultants are available on a daily basis to address immediate concerns and ensure continuous EHS compliance

  • Choose from flexible support packages tailored to your needs, including scheduled check-ins, progress assessments, and ongoing EHS strategy refinement.

  • On-Site Support

    When hands-on assistance is needed, our experienced team members can be on-site to seamlessly integrate into your operations.

  • Leverage our remote support capabilities to receive quick guidance and expert advice, no matter where you’re located.  Available on a contract or hourly basis.

Seamless EHS Solutions for Transition and Growth

Our consulting team offers a wide range of specialized EHS services to cater to your organization’s needs during transitional phases, open positions, or special projects. With a dedicated team of seasoned experts, we provide training, mentoring, auditing, and more, ensuring your EHS requirements are met effectively.

  • We analyze your current practices against best-in-class benchmarks, providing actionable insights to bridge gaps and enhanced compliance and operational efficiency.

  • Our consultants are well-versed in the full suite of ISO standards, including ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety). We provide guidance and implementation support to ensure your organization’s alignment with the latest conformance requirements.

  • Explore modern alternatives to traditional staffing with our innovative Learning Management System (LMS) and computer-based EHS management solutions, streamlining your processes and boosting efficiency.

  • Experienced EHS consultants identify process inefficiencies and recommend improvements, optimizing your operations and enhancing overall productivity.

  • Through partnerships with EHS-specific recruiters, we can assist in addressing your long-term staffing needs, ensuring a seamless transition and sustained EHS excellence.

  • EHS regulations are complex and ever-changing. PROtect’s temporary consultants possess up-to-date knowledge and insights into regulatory requirements, ensuring your organization remains compliant even during transitional phases. This is critical to avoid fines and legal complications.

  • Staffing gaps can lead to increased safety risks and potential incidents. PROtect’s temporary consultants conduct thorough risk assessments, implement preventive measures, and bolster safety protocols to safeguard your employees and operations.

  • Our experienced consultants provide one-on-one mentoring sessions to nurture the growth of your existing EHS team, enhancing their capabilities and professional development.

  • We offer tailored training that covers regulatory compliance, risk assessment, incident management, and more for incoming EHS professionals and those juggling dual roles, enhancing their skills and boosting their contributions.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our consultants offer flexibility, expertise, external perspective, immediate impact, and cost-effectiveness that can be especially advantageous while navigating staffing changes. We seamlessly integrate into your EHS framework, minimizing disruption and maintaining focus on safety and compliance.

  • Hiring and training new employees can be expensive, including costs associated with benefits, recruitment, and onboarding. EHS consultants offer a cost-effective solution by eliminating these overhead expenses.

  • PROtect’s temporary consultants tailor their approach to your organization’s unique needs, offering personalized solutions that address your specific challenges and goals.


  • By outsourcing EHS tasks to consultants, your internal team can focus on their core responsibilities and strategic initiatives, improving overall efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Whether you require remote support, short-term assistance, or longer on-site presence, PROtect’s temporary EHS consultants offer flexible engagement options that align with your organization’s requirements. You can enlist their services for as long as you need, whether it’s a short-term project, ongoing support, or until you find the right permanent hire.

  • Time is of the essence, especially during urgent situations or staffing transitions. EHS consultants are readily available to step in and provide support without the delay associated with recruitment, hiring, and onboarding. PROtect’s temporary consultants start delivering value from day one, ensuring that EHS initiatives continue without delay.

  • Our team possesses extensive experience across various industries, including but not limited to:

    • Oil & Gas
    • Biofuels and Renewables
    • Manufacturing and Production
    • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
    • Energy and Utilities
    • Construction and Engineering
    • Transportation and Logistics
  • During their tenure, PROtect’s temporary consultants impart knowledge and best practices to your existing EHS team, fostering skill development and enhancing the capabilities of your internal staff.

  • Our dedicated EHS professionals are strategically positioned throughout the United States, ensuring prompt availability and seamless support, regardless of your location.

  • PROtect’s external consultants bring an objective viewpoint to your EHS processes, enabling them to provide an unbiased assessment to identify blind spots, gaps, and opportunities for improvement that might have been overlooked internally.

  • During staffing vacancies, access to candidate pools of experienced EHS professionals can be limited. PROtect’s temporary consultants offer a wealth of expertise that can be tapped into immediately, addressing critical issues and guiding decision-making or bringing fresh perspectives to your EHS programs.

  • Consultants can provide strategic guidance based on their extensive experience, helping your organization align EHS goals with broader business objectives.

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