Why PROtect?

Our conventional non-destructive testing (NDT) technicians are trained well above the industry average. Whether we are nested at your site full time, or simply called out to your site as needed we will perform inspections to the appropriate code, standard, or specification, in an efficient and thus cost-effective fashion.

Conventional NDT Services

    • Dye Penetrant (PT)
    • Leak Testing (LT)
    • Magnetic Particle (MT)
    • Radiographic (RT)
    • Ultrasonic (UT)
    • Visual Testing (VT) and Remote Visual (RMI)
      • API 653 – Tank Inspection
      • API 579 – Fit for Service Analysis
      • API 570 – Piping Inspection
      • API 510 – Vessel Inspection
      • AWS Certified Welding Visual Inspection (AWS CWI)
      • Coating Inspection
      • Lift/Aerial Equipment Inspection
      • STI-SP001 – Tank Inspection
      • Welding Inspection
    • Level III Services

How Can We Help?

Safety, reliability, and compliance obligations can be the difference between a sustainable and profitable business and one that is not.

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