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Setting the benchmark in consulting and field services, PROtect brings unparalleled industry expertise to Benzene Waste Operations NESHAP (BWON). Over two decades, we’ve partnered with nearly twenty refineries and chemical plants across the United States, offering a variety of BWON services. From crafting meticulous Total Annual Benzene Quantity (TAB) reporting tools, identifying Waste Management Units (WMUs), conducting thorough compliance audits, and implementing compliance programs for BWON Enhancement Provisions of Consent Decrees – our expertise spans a multitude of BWON-related services.

BWON Example

    • Understand the new enhanced requirements included in 2023 and 2024 Consent Decrees
    • In-depth review and revamp of TAB and BQ Report into a cloud-based database
    • Inventory/Tag BWON WMU’s, AGSL, CVS, and IDS components
    • Leverage expertise to integrate BWON inspections into LDAR Database
    • Implement enhanced monitoring for BWON throughout facility, including OGI Camera facility-wide on quarterly basis
    • Thorough review of all NDE Designs and BWON Control Equipment: Oil Water Separators, Tanks, Carbon Canisters, Car Seal Inspections, and Closed Vent Systems
    • Identify and review all NDE Equipment Design and Leak History
    • Update your End of Line (EOL) Plan
    • Revise your Slop Oil Diagrams
    • Waste Management Unit Inventory
    • Total Annual Benzene (TAB) Development
    • Accurate TAB and BQ Reporting​​
    • BWON and QQQ Compliance Program Implementation
    • Sampling Protocol Development
    • Turnaround Planning Execution
    • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plans
    • Staff Compliance and Regulatory Training
    • Plot Plans and P&ID Highlighting for BWON Applicability
    • Detailed Inspection Protocols and Development
    • Wastewater Sewer System Mapping
    • Advanced BWON QualityTraining and Assessment Programs
    • Individual Drain System Inventory
    • Above Ground Sewer Line Inventory
    • NDE Engineering Assessments​​​​​
    • BWON-QQQ Inspections and Monitoring
    • El Paso Cooling Tower Monitoring
    • NSPS Kb Storage Tank Inspections​​
    • Fenceline Monitoring Programs​​
    • Third Party Audits
    • Consent Decree Negotiations
    • BWON End of Line (EOL) Plan Updates
    • Cloud-Based BWON TAB Database
    • BWON-QQQ 101 and Advanced Professional Training
    • BWON SME or Operator Inspection and Technical Training
    • BWON Inspections and Monitoring
    • Cooling Tower Monitoring
    • Wastewater IDS Mapping
    • NSPS Kb Storage Tank Inspections
    • Inventory Projects

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