Ensure Regulatory Compliance with PROtect

Our Emissions Monitoring & Mitigation services are meticulously crafted to guarantee strict adherence to state and federal environmental regulations. With a deep understanding of mandates like VV, VVa, OOOO, and more, we cater to clients navigating complex frameworks such as Subpart H, MACT, Consent Decrees, and permit-specific rules. Leveraging our team’s extensive regulatory knowledge and technical proficiency, we assist clients in seamlessly implementing and managing compliant programs tailored to their facility requirements.


Benzene Waste Operations NESHAP (BWON)

Rely on our comprehensive BWON solutions, featuring precise Total Annual Benzene Quantity (TAB) reporting tools, Waste Management Units (WMUs) identification, thorough compliance audits, and customized compliance programs, including BWON Enhancement Provisions of Consent Decrees. With over two decades of experience, trust our unmatched industry expertise for all your BWON consulting and field requirements.

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LDAR Overview

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

Our LDAR services ensure environmental compliance with state and federal regulations such as VV, VVa, OOOO, and more. With expertise in Subpart H, MACT, and Consent Decrees, our team tailors LDAR programs to meet facility-specific requirements. Committed to professionalism and safety, we deliver timely and customized services, backed by a company-wide dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

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Safety, reliability, and compliance obligations can be the difference between a sustainable and profitable business and one that is not.

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