Continuously Improving Safety is Most Cost-Effective

Did you know that the cost of one typically employee injury is far more expensive than the cost of continuously improving safety? PROtect has thousands of years of combined experience providing risk and compliance services to various industries and has successfully helped our clients sustain workers’ compensation losses 30 percent better than their industry average. 

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*The direct costs of an injury are the easiest to see and understand. These costs include emergency room and doctor visits, medical bills, medicines, and rehabilitation. These are generally covered under your company’s workers’ compensation insurance. If your company is self-insured or part of a high deductible or alternative risk program like a captive insurance program, you may also pay all or a portion of this expense directly.

**Indirect costs of an injury are often overlooked. These costs can amount to four to seven times the direct cost of the injury. Indirect costs include administrative time dealing with the injury and medical care, raised insurance costs, replacing the hours lost of the injured employee with hiring a new employee or paying overtime to an existing employee, loss of reputation and confidence in employees, legal costs, unwanted media and more.

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