PROtect, LLC Announces Strategic Partnership with The U.S. Army PaYS Program to Foster Employment Opportunities for Veterans


Wichita, KS, USA – PROtect, LLC, a leading provider of safety, reliability, and compliance services, proudly announces its strategic partnership with The Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) Program. This collaboration underscores PROtect’s commitment to enhancing its workforce by leveraging the unique talents and skills instilled in U.S. Army personnel.

During their official signing ceremony on Tuesday, August 15, PROtect, LLC President and COO, Jason Friedberg stated that “We’re excited about the great opportunities this program offers. It lets us provide our potential candidates with a lot of benefits. Knowing that these individuals come to us well-prepared to enter the industries we serve, we’re looking forward to having people with their skillsets on our team.”

The PaYS Program is a groundbreaking initiative designed to equip, train, and connect Soldiers with future employers. Participating Soldiers are guaranteed a job interview with up to five PaYS Partners of their choosing upon completing their training or initial term of service. Notably, individuals engaging in the Program cultivate essential leadership qualities, acquire technical expertise, and gain valuable experience.

Nathan Vander Griend, CEO of PROtect, LLC, emphasized the alignment between the industries the company serves, and the values cultivated within the military. He stated, “When we look at the types of critical industries we serve such as oil & gas, biofuels, power generation, food & beverage, etc., and we couple them with the types of services we perform in safety, reliability, and compliance, it makes PROtect a natural fit for U.S. Army Veterans reentering civilian life.”

Lt. Col. Brian R. Horvath, Commander, Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion, expressed, “This is an incredible opportunity, at a time in our lives where in America everybody is fighting for talent to come and work in their organization what the PaYs Program does for us is make a handshake between the United States Army and local businesses.” He further added, “As you make handshakes with young men and young women in your community to allow them to go off and service in the United States Army. I’m going to send them back to you with a little bit of discipline, a little bit of punctuality, a little bit of fitness, and a little bit of teamwork, and I think every corporation in America is looking for young men and young women that possess these capabilities.”

The partnership between PROtect, LLC and the PaYS Program aligns seamlessly with the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command’s mission to foster connections between the Army and the broader American community, while simultaneously establishing the Army as the premier Service option.

By participating in Community Outreach and Interaction (COI) events, PaYS Partners like PROtect, LLC actively contribute to shaping positive perceptions of the Army and cultivating an environment conducive to the Army’s distinctive brand. The partnership further reflects PROtect’s steadfast commitment to the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act, which opens doors to meaningful career opportunities for Army veterans.

This collaboration between PROtect, LLC and the PaYS Program exemplifies a shared dedication to excellence, integrity, and innovation, reinforcing PROtect’s standing as a premier provider of safety, reliability, and compliance services.

About the U.S. Army PaYs Program The PaYS Program is a strategic partnership between the U.S. Army and a cross-section of corporations, companies, and public sector agencies. The Army benefits by gaining valuable industry partners who acknowledge the Army as a quality producer of skilled employees and PaYS Partners gain employees who have developed professional work habits with positive instilled values and the highest standards of conduct.

About PROtect, LLC – PROtect, LLC is a leading safety, reliability, and compliance services provider with offices in Houston, TX, Midland, TX, Tulsa, OK, Wichita, KS, Denver, CO, Kansas City, KS, Lincoln, NE, and Baton Rouge, LA. PROtect’s services include Advanced and Conventional Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Mechanical Integrity (MI), Pipeline Integrity (PLI), Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), Environmental Compliance, Industrial Hygiene (IH), General Safety, Engineering, & Process Safety Management (PSM). PROtect, LLC is a Nebraska based company registered as PROTECT GROUP, LLC in several jurisdictions.

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