PROtect, LLC Reaches 1 Million Work Hours with Zero Lost Time Incidents

Nationally recognized safety, reliability, and compliance company PROtect, LLC is excited to announce that our team has reached the significant milestone of achieving over 1 million work hours without a lost time incident!

PROtect is dedicated to the safety of our team members while also providing superior safety, reliability, and compliance services to our customers. Reaching 1 million work hours with zero lost-time incidents is a tremendous milestone in an industry that provides services centered around high-hazard risk industries. We applaud our team members’ commitment to safety in helping us achieve this milestone.

Nathan VanderGriend, PROtect President and CEO, says, “Every single individual in our company should be extremely proud of PROtect reaching 1 million man-hours without a lost time incident.  Our business falls into the category of providing safety reliability, and compliance services to a variety of high-hazard industries. The services we provide help keep our customers’ team members and communities safe, their equipment and operations from experiencing catastrophic failure and unplanned downtime, and comply with various local, state, and federal regulatory requirements. This milestone is proof of our dedication to applying what we deliver externally to our customers, and internally with our team. As a professional service organization, we would not exist without great people, and we want to ensure they stay safe.”

PROtect takes a proactive approach to all aspects of health and safety driven through a program of consistent employee engagement from the top down, to ensure the best working conditions for all employees, contractors, and visitors across all worksites.

Chuck Baller, CESCO, PROtect Sr. Director, Environmental, Health & Safety, said, “I know the hard work and dedication it took to achieve this milestone. The success of our safety programs could not be possible without the daily participation of each individual in our company. This is a great demonstration of their commitment to making safety our top priority every day on very demanding job sites.  Congratulations and thank you for your hard work.”

PROtect believes strongly in continuous improvement for safety, reliability, and compliance.  That stems from how we act internally to how we deliver services to our customers.  This achievement is not a destination, it is a milestone in a journey to continue to put PROtect team members’ safety at the forefront of what they do.

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PROtect exists to protect its customers from injuries, equipment failure, unplanned downtime, and non-compliance with applicable regulations. Every service we provide helps companies ensure a safe, reliable, and compliant tomorrow.   PROtect’s services include Advanced and Conventional Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Mechanical Integrity (MI), Pipeline Integrity (PLI), Rope Access, Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR), Environmental Compliance, Industrial Hygiene (IH), General Safety, Process Safety Management (PSM) and Engineering Services. Headquartered in Wichita, KS, PROtect has offices strategically located across the country to provide exceptional service to our customers nationwide.

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