Software Updates

PROtect’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) System has undergone some changes recently!

We want to highlight two of our major changes to show how they improve the user experience.



The dashboard is an easy way to manage all your assets across our different platforms with real-time charts and graphs at your fingertips. There are also direct links to all the favorite areas within each part of the site.

You will be able to monitor all the happenings with:

  • Assessment Management (AM): perform and store internal audits or third-party assessments.
  • Incident Management (IM): Record incidents and near misses.
  • Asset Integrity Management (AIM): Perform and store asset integrity testing and inspections and other reliability records.
  • Training Management (TM): Ensure all employees are trained and their understanding is thoroughly documented.
  • Document Management (DM): used to store safety programs, policies, and procedures.




Compliance Calendar:

The new compliance calendar is tailored to fit your needs. Covering all aspects on the ERM site, it self-populates with assessment dates, incident dates, environmental permit dates and deadlines, inspection dates, course start and end dates, and due dates. This makes things easy to find and all in one place so nothing goes overlooked!







Some other items we have added:

  • Ability to manage corrective actions across all applications.
  • The ability to download a document folder to a .zip file.
  • User defined self-assessments
  • New self-assessment templates
  • Root cause analysis on Incident Management
  • Above Ground Storage Tank monthly inspections
  • Internal Floating Roof Inspections
  • Auxiliary Equipment Inspections

We pride ourselves on being a reliable, responsive, and adaptive partner to help all our customers reach the next level.


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