Carbon & Sustainability Monitoring Saves Facility From Noncompliance

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PROtect partnered with an ethanol production facility to complete a carbon fuel pathway application and provide ongoing carbon support.

A year after the application, the facility was exceeding its carbon intensity. This would result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars and could potentially result in enforcement action. We reviewed the data to ensure accuracy.

We found the data to be accurate and seemingly, the carbon value was correct. However, due to our experience with carbon modeling and data manipulation, we were able to find an amendable input that resulted in a decrease in their carbon intensity.

The Result

Because of our knowledge of carbon modeling, and our out-of-the-box thinking, we saved this client from significant monetary loss and helped mitigate potential noncompliance.

How Can We Help?

Safety, reliability, and compliance obligations can be the difference between a sustainable and profitable business and one that is not.

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