Internal API Inspection and Magnetic Flux Leakage Show Discontinuity

Service Line

Advanced NDT

Figure 1


We were contracted to perform the above service line item on an 8.5-year-old denatured fuel ethanol storage tank at an ethanol production facility. Upon completing the MFL portion of the inspection with a Silverwing Floor Map 3Di (Figure 2), we found areas of the tank floor were showing discontinuity of 90% – 100%. The high-level Tank Floor Layout report (Figure 2) was shared with the Plant Manager and Maintenance Manager of the facility. The Plant Manager engaged the CEO of the company and he called us upset.

Figure 2

The facility proceeded to engage a competitor of ours to provide a second opinion on the integrity of the tank and did not share our findings with the competitor. The competitor inspected the tank floor by taking ~100 Ultrasonic (UT) readings on the tank floor and advised facility management that it was ok. The CEO called us upset again. We stood behind our work and advised the facility management to cut up a section of the floor where we found the most significant areas of discontinuity.

The facility management proceeded (Figure 3). After doing so, they found pinhole leaks in the floor and denatured ethanol pooled under the tank.

Figure 3

The Result

Between our thoroughness, use of advanced technology, and relationship with this client, we were able to not only perform a successful inspection to help our client mitigate an ongoing safety and environmental risk, but we were also able to visibly show our value and secure the trust of this company’s management at a facility level and executive level.

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