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How Do We Determine Our Hazardous Waste Generator Classification?

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Many industries generate hazardous waste that could be a danger to human health and the environment. To protect humans and the environment, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has regulations in place to ensure hazardous waste is handled properly.

A hazardous waste generator, by rule, is an entity, by site, whose acts or processes generate (produce or bring about) a solid waste that is:

  • Listed in the hazardous waste regulations,
  • Determined to be a characteristically hazardous, or
  • Otherwise identified as a hazardous waste.

To determine if you generate hazardous waste, please visit

If your company produces hazardous waste, it is important to know your hazardous waste generator classification, which is based on how much waste is generated in a calendar month.

There are three categories of hazardous waste generators:

  1. Very Small – Facilities that generate 220 pounds or less per month
  2. Small – Facilities that generate 220 to 2,200 pounds per month
  3. Large – Facilities that generate more than 2,200 pounds per month and store hazardous waste more than 90 days

These requirements and management of these requirements are set at a federal level, however, certain states have also elected to have regulations that differ from federal. To identify if you fall in that category, please reference

How ERI Solutions Can Help Determine Your Hazardous Waste Classification

ERI Solutions is uniquely positioned to assist companies that generate hazardous waste. Our environmental staff provides practical and effective advice, assessments and reports on key regulations and issues.
If your company needs assistance in determining your hazardous waste generator classification and how the regulations apply to you, we urge you to contact us. We work within a variety of industries and have clients throughout the United States.

Find out more about our Environmental Services or contact ERI Solutions directly at (316) 927-4290.

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