Who We Are

Highly Trained, Certified, and Experienced

PROtect is comprised of highly trained, certified, and experienced team members who are geographically located to efficiently service the majority of the continental United States.

Who We Serve

Serving a Range of Industries

PROtect works within a variety of industries and has customers throughout the United States who utilize our services.

In our experience, [PROtect] and its staff continues to demonstrate timeliness, knowledge, professionalism Chris Mitchell,
President ICM, Inc

Our Software

When you partner with PROtect,  you will have the option to utilize our proprietary software to manage safety, reliability and compliance data effectively for your company.

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PROtect Asset Integrity Management Software

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) is a database to help companies ensure they are compliant with OSHA and to plan maintenance work so unexpected catastrophic equipment failure is avoided.

PROtect Assessment Management Software

The PROtect Assessment Management (AM) module is a database of third-party audits and assessments as well as self-audits and assessments. It is utilized to evaluate risk and compliance and assign and track corrective action.

PROtect Document Management Software

The PROtect Document Management (DM) module is a library of risk control and compliance programs, policies, training, and supplemental documents. The library is utilized to share common programs and updates across multiple locations.

PROtect Environmental Management Software

The PROtect Environmental Management (EM) module is a database to help manage your ongoing environmental compliance requirements.

PROtect Incident Management

The PROtect Incident Management (IM) module is created to drive the investigation of root-cause and identify and track corrective action around incidents and near-misses.

PROtect Training Management Software

Training Management (TM) is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) used to train employees on various topics including safety, operations, human resources, etc.